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Russia can attack Ukraine by making excuse, US official

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine are increasing continuously. In the midst of this tension, a US official has warned that Russia may attack Ukraine on the pretext.

This US official said that Russia can make excuses for any kind of attack. It can also be an excuse for encroachment of Russia’s border or Ukraine’s airstrikes on Russia. US officials said that although we do not know what excuse Russia is going to make for attacking Ukraine. But it can be said with certainty that Russia will attack Ukraine only on pretext.

This US official claimed that Russia has not withdrawn any troops from the Ukrainian border, on the contrary, this official claimed that Russia has deployed additional troops to Ukraine. This shows that Russia is lying about Ukraine.

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However, this American official claimed that America and the whole world are ready to respond to any kind of Russian attack. Earlier today, the US President also said that if Russia attacks Ukraine, America is fully prepared to respond, although the President also said that diplomatic avenues are still open.

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