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How to grow business without investment.

How to grow a business without investing? If you are thinking that all this is not possible! So you are thinking wrong. You can grow your business by making small strategies even without investing. For this you have to follow some strategy.

To grow your business without investment, you have to first see which category your business is in. According to that you have to make a strategy. Remember if you have created such a street that does not apply to your business. Then he will not be able to proceed even after investing what without investment. In such a situation, always remember to apply that strategy to your business which is applicable.

Learn to control product

Business growth
Business growth

If you want to grow your business without investment, then you have to learn to control your product. Remember that your brand is valued only by your product.

The quality will be as good as your product. The better you get the response from the customer. If possible, build your own product. You should avoid outsourcing. If you are doing outsourcing for your product, then there is a possibility of decreasing the quality of the product in it. At the same time, you can also pay attention to customer experience to further your business. Remember that business moves ahead which takes care of its customer.

In such a situation, if the customer has to wait a long time for your product, then it can be another shift. To keep the customer from getting any other product, you have to keep sufficient supply in the market of your product. Only then your business will be able to move forward. For this you do not need any kind of additional investment. Just keep building your product as per the need.

Physical access to online customer is necessary

It is true that nowadays is the era of e-commerce. All products are sold online. But remember that offline access to the customer is also necessary along with online.

If possible, strengthen your staff more. And make your offline network as strong as online.

It is commonly seen in India that customers still prefer to buy offline products for feel good. If your product is expensive, most Indian customers prefer to buy offline products. At the same time, Indian customers also like to buy products online as well as offline to take the feel of the product.

If you do not have your own offline store, you can create a franchise network. This is an easy way to reach the customer. At the same time it will not cost you.

You just have to take the products to the franchise. And after that the franchise will support you in furthering your network. You do not need to spend any kind of money for this. You can make your business grow faster without investment.

Fast delivery of product

Nowadays the same businesses are moving at a much faster pace, which are able to deliver goods faster to the customer. You must also ensure that timely delivery reaches the customer. And your product should reach your customer as fast as possible.

This also makes a good impression on the customer. In such a situation, you can grow your business at a fast pace without spending any extra.

If your delivery partner is not delivering your product to the customer on time, do not hesitate to change your delivery partner. If your product reaches the customer late, then you have a wrong impression on the customer.

If you look carefully at Jio’s online e-commerce business, he is placing more emphasis on offline stores. The advantage of this is that the goods can be delivered faster to the customer. Jio delivers goods from the nearest store to the customer. Now-a-days e-commerce companies are putting more emphasis on one-day delivery and two-day delivery. In this scenario, you can also use this strategy to promote your business without any investment.

Consider customer feedback as important

Startups and companies typically ignore customer feedback. They soon fail. In such a situation, it is important that you take your customer feedback hands-on. And correct the deficiencies left in your business immediately.

It is not necessary that you will build a perfect business in one day. But as you continue in business. In the same way, remove your shortcomings as well. You do not need any separate investment to overcome the shortcomings. In such a situation, you can improve your quality by removing your shortcomings even without investment. Remember, in today’s era, the business of the one who listens to the customer.

Offers and Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing and offers are also a good way to grow your business without any investment. Look carefully at the ways you can create offers in your business. Also, you should not forget affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is very much in practice these days. Create an affiliate link for your product so that if someone is helping to sell your product, then it may be paid a little commission. In such a situation, you can grow your business at a fast pace without any investment.

Also, if you have offline stores, you can run programs like royalty cards. Whenever a customer makes online or offline purchases from your store, give him royalty points. In exchange for these points, when that customer visits your store again, give him an additional discount for the points collected by these royalty programs. However, you can keep this discount anywhere from 2% to 5%. But the important thing is that the customer will get a good feel good. And the reason for your visit to the store will also be near the planet. In such a situation, you are marketing your product without any investment. And they are also growing their business.

Cashback offer

It is generally seen that most people create a cash bank offer to further their business. Nowadays a lot of apps have come in the market like this. Which create special cashback offer for you. And there is no additional charge for this.

See carefully that you can create a cashback offer in your business. If you create a cashback offer in your business, then you give your customer an additional reason to buy your product. Cashback offer in India is quite popular. And it is generally seen that people who create cashback offers in their business. Their business is up to 30% higher than other businesses. In such a situation, you can also create a cashback offer in your business.

Always keep your cashback offer on. This will enable the customer to come to you without any hesitation. He will definitely know that if a product is purchased from you, he will definitely get cashback. In such a situation, you can grow your business without any investment.

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