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Electric scooters are creating hurdles for carbon neutral economy in India

India has decided to become a carbon neutral economy by the year 2070. This agreement will be implemented under the Climate Change Agreement. However, now the difficulties seem to be increasing in this. India has seen tremendous enthusiasm for electric vehicles in recent times. But due to recent news, the electric vehicle revolution seems to be slow reading. This has become difficult due to the fire in electric scooters.

If this continues, then in the coming time the government may have to face a lot of difficulties in convincing the people. Due to the fire in the electric vehicle, both the government and the electric vehicle manufacturing company are in trouble. This includes electric scooter manufacturing companies like Ola Okinawa Hero. Which is seeing even more increase in the demand for electricals in the coming times.

Recently, Green Hydrogen Production Policy has also been issued to make India carbon neutral by the year 2070. In which incentives have been announced for green hydrogen production. But electric vehicles also have a special role in this carbon neutral policy. that run on batteries. Lithium ion is a key component in a battery.

India wants to become carbon neutral by 2070

America and European countries have decided to make their country carbon neutral by the year 2050. At the same time, countries like India and China have expressed their commitment to make their country carbon neutral by the year 2070. But the fire in the electric vehicle has done the work of breaking this dream. If this phenomenon continues in this manner, then the dream of a carbon neutral economy may remain incomplete.

Under the 2015 Paris Agreement, India had promised to reduce the economy’s carbon intensity by 33 to 35%. The Government of India had set a target of 2030 for this. Last year at the Glasgow Summit, the Indian government had promised to reduce carbon intensity by 45%. In this way, the Government of India has increased its target by 10%.

The Indian government had said that it would reduce its carbon emissions by one billion tonnes. If the Government of India has to achieve this goal, then it is very important for electric two wheelers to be successful. There is a practical aspect to this goal of electric two wheelers India.

It is also important to know here that India is the fourth largest carbon dioxide emitting country in the world. Before India, China is the US and European union. If we look at the per capita carbon emissions, India is far behind the developed countries. In the year 2019, the per capita carbon emission in India was 1.9 tonnes. In comparison, it was 15.5 tonnes in the US. But if we look at the population wise, then India is emitting a lot of carbon.

A network of electric vehicle charging stations is being built across the country to make it a carbon neutral economy. But before this, the Government of India will have to make electric vehicles completely safe for the carbon neutral economy. In recent times, there have been a large number of fire incidents in electric vehicles. Due to which questions have been raised about the safety of the people.

To make the country’s economy carbon neutral, the Government of India has announced subsidy on electric vehicles. Apart from this, the registration fee has also been completely waived off. The subsidy is given differently according to different states. But you can take subsidy from ₹ 30000 to ₹ 50000 on two wheeler and four wheeler electric vehicle.

Apart from the Government of India, the state governments have also announced subsidies as per their need. So that people can adopt more and more electric vehicles. The same few states are now making their own electric vehicle policy. So that more and more people can be encouraged to buy electric vehicles.

Government of India launched Green Hydrogen Production Policy

India wants to become a carbon neutral country by 2070. For this it is necessary that more and more green hydrogen should be produced. For this, the Government of India has also issued a Green Hydrogen Production Policy.

Under the Green Hydrogen Production Policy, India wants to produce 5,000,000 tonnes of green hydrogen at the domestic level by 2030. Which will be extended later. Currently black hydrogen is being produced all over the world including India. This hydrogen is produced through coal and crude oil. It is harmful to the environment.

For this reason, the target of green hydrogen production has been set through completely renewable energy. India wants to meet its local needs of green hydrogen. Apart from this, it also wants to emerge as a leading exporter at the international level. According to experts, this is the perfect opportunity for India. When the rest of the allies of the European Union and America are angry with China. In such a situation, India can get a major market for itself internationally by increasing its green hydrogen production.

Crude oil and natural gas import

Apart from making its economy carbon neutral, India also wants to reduce its dependence on crude oil and natural gas. According to the recent data, India’s crude oil import bill has doubled this year as compared to last year. India has imported crude oil worth $119 billion this year. Last year, India imported crude oil and natural gas worth $61 billion. In this way, it has increased by almost 100%.

Experts say that this increase is due to rising international prices of crude oil. The Indian government had estimated $75 per barrel regarding crude oil prices in its budget. Which now seems to be proven wrong. International crude oil prices are currently hovering around $103 per barrel. We are talking about Brent crude oil here, if we talk about wti, then it is running around $ 99 per barrel.

Crude oil prices have also been affected due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia is the third largest crude oil producer in the world. At the same time, Europe and America are preparing to impose sanctions on its crude oil and gas due to the war. According to the news coming in the media, its crude oil and natural gas can be banned within 1 year. Although India imports crude oil from Russia around 2%. But still, due to reduced supply at the international level, crude oil prices may see an increase in the coming times.

For this reason it has become necessary for India to promote the production of green hydrogen. And also solidify your electrical infrastructure here. But this dream may remain incomplete due to the fire in electric vehicles. However, the government is also taking steps to get out of this difficulty.

Government will issue guidelines for electric two wheelers

Due to the fire in electric two wheelers, now the government has decided to issue a guideline for electric two wheelers. The Government of India has constituted a committee to find out the cause of the electric two wheelers fire. This committee will soon submit its report to the Government of India. So that the real reasons can be ascertained. At present, the government has said that a detailed guideline will be issued for other things including the battery of electric two wheelers. This guideline will be strictly implemented.

Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that whatever companies will violate the rules. Strict action will be taken against them. Heavy fines will be imposed on companies as part of the action. Apart from this, legal action will also be taken. Apart from this, companies will also be asked to recall their defective vehicles.

The Government of India does not seem ready to make any compromise regarding its electric vehicle policy. The Government of India knows that once people lose their faith in the safety of electricals, then it will be very difficult to get them to believe in it again. That’s why Nitin Gadkari is looking so tough.

If we talk so far, there have been incidents of fire in more than a dozen electric vehicles in India. Some people have also died in this. That’s why the Indian government is looking so strict.

The effect of the government’s strictness on electric vehicle manufacturing companies is also being seen. Okinawa has recalled 3000 of its electric scooters. Pure ev India has recalled two thousand scooters. Apart from this, Ola Electric, the biggest name in electric scooter manufacturing, has also recalled more than 1400 scooters.

Sales of electric two wheelers are increasing rapidly in India

Where there is a steady decline in the sales of petrol-powered two wheeler vehicles in India. The same record growth is being registered in the sales of electric two wheelers. According to the data for the year 2020-21, a growth of 132% has been registered in the sales of Electric Two Wheelers. In the year 2021, 233971 electric two wheelers have been sold across the country. In 2020, this figure was one lakh 736.

The government is also excited by this increase in the sales of electric vehicles. In such a situation, the government cannot see its success being set on fire. NITI Aayog, the largest think tank of the Government of India, has released a policy draft regarding battery swapping.

In this draft of NITI Aayog, rules and regulations have been made regarding battery swapping battery standards and the entire battery ecosystem. Apart from this, how will the infrastructure be prepared in the whole country. Guidelines have also been issued in this regard. In the coming times, emphasis has been laid on changing the way of implementing the subsidy.

Right now it is important to understand why electric vehicles are on fire in India? Electric scooters in particular are on fire in India. Experts have given some major reasons for this. Which we are telling you here.

battery technology

If we look around the world, the environment of every country is different. The same applies with the battery. Little adjustment in technology is done according to the environment. While this adjustment has not been done in the battery yet. Electric vehicles are still a new thing.

Experts say that the battery used in the electric vehicle has not been prepared according to the environment of India. Due to which incidents of fire in electric scooters are coming to the fore.

If you will notice, most of the electric scooters have been launched in winters. Electric scooters gave good performance due to winter at that time. But as the summer season is approaching. Incidents of fire in electric scooters are also coming to the fore. Currently it is going on in the month of April. Whereas in India the peak season of summer is May-June. Electric scooters can be even more unsafe at that point. The incidence of fire may also increase in these.

Lithium ion is currently being used for the manufacture of batteries. Which is a very sensitive material to fire. Due to which the battery is also catching fire in hot weather. The technology of batteries made from lithium ion is quite critical. Due to which the incidents of fire come to the fore due to the slightest mistake.

We have seen such incidents in the case of this smartphone as well. Earlier, incidents of continuous fire in Samsung’s smartphone were coming to the fore. Even at that time there was a manufacturing defect in lithium-ion batteries. Due to which the smartphone was constantly on fire. After which Samsung recalled all its smartphones.

Now the thing to understand here is how to save your electric scooter from fire? If you follow the steps given below, you can save your electric scooter from catching fire. All these tips are given by experts.

Do not accelerate electric scooter in summer

As many incidents of fire in electric scooters have been reported so far. All of them are attributed to the battery. If you want to prevent your electric scooter from catching on fire, drive it at a normal speed. Running an electric scooter at high speed puts extra pressure on the battery, due to which heat is generated. This heat can cause the battery to catch fire.

Try driving the electric scooter in eco mode. In Eco mode, there is less pressure on the battery. And the riding is easy. Due to which the risk of fire in electric scooters is reduced.

park the scooter in the shade

Park your electric scooter in the shade as far as possible. Due to which there is a difference in temp. The temperature is always low in the shade. In summer, the maximum temperature in India goes up to 50 degree Celsius. In such a situation, if you park your electric scooter in the shade, it reduces the risk of fire.

Be careful while charging an electric scooter

You should also be careful while charging your electric scooter to avoid catching fire. Avoid charging the electric scooter immediately after riding. Keep a gap of at least 1 hour between charging and riding. So that the temperature of the scooter comes to its lowest level. A heat is generated in the battery even while charging. If you charge your scooter immediately after riding, then there is a danger of fire in the scooter.

Charge your electric scooter at night as far as possible. At night the climate is cool. This reduces the pressure on the battery. Because of which your scooter will be safe.

If electric scooters are to be safe in the long run, companies will have to optimize their technology. The reasons for which the electric scooters are on fire need to be ascertained. If this does not happen, the future of electric scooters will be in question. Which would not be in anyone’s interest.

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